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Messi mania in the U.S  continue as he scored twice

Lionel Messi bombed a pair, MLS did not remain indifferent: “a spectacular, superstar’s performance.” Tata: “Surprised the fans went home.” Plus: Miami’s landmarks and the star

Leo Messi effect. After scoring the winning goal on his debut, Leo Messi made his debut for Inter Miami on Tuesday night and after 22 minutes celebrated a great duo, en route to a 4-0 win over Atlanta United. He also added an assist, and the frenzy surrounding the Argentine is only growing.

The United States continues to be delighted with Leo Messi, who delivered a fantastic performance tonight (Tuesday to Wednesday) as he led Inter Miami to a big 4-0 win over Atlanta United in the League Cup. The flea scored a pair, cooked and was replaced to the cheers of the crowd, who even abandoned the stadium en masse after the Argentine came off the pitch.” Messi’s duo, that’s just what he does,” he said on MLS’ official website, “a spectacular, Miami superstar’s performance.” Fox Sports added: “Messi had no problem adjusting to Miami.” The Athletic added: “Messi was lethal with both feet, but surprisingly scored twice with his right foot.”

By the way, thanks to the first goal against Atlanta, the flea found the net against 100 different opponents at club level in his career. Inter Miami also led by three goals at the end of the first half for the first time in their history in all competitions.

Coach Tata Martino concluded: “Messi is such an important figure in the world and the reactions around the world do not surprise me, but I am surprised that the fans did not stay until the end. We played very well, famous people come to see Messi and it affects all of us.”


He added: “It’s very easy to play with Messi, we’ve played together for many years and we hope our relationship will be an advantage. I can’t wait for Jordi Alba’s arrival.”